New Feature! Closest Connections Makes the Most of Your Team’s Network

You know that RelateIQ integrates email and internet data sources to help you live the dream of ending manual data entry, but even that massive step forward in the world of relationship management is only the beginning for us. One of the key tenets of relationship intelligence (which is where we see the whole industry moving) is knowing who in your organization has the best relationship—or closest connection—to the companies and individuals with whom you’d like to connect.

Our New “Closest Connections” Feature Delivers on That Promise

In our focus on powering and simplifying your day-to-day work, we knew that locked within all the emails and meetings you have, there must be a way to intelligently reach out to people you don’t yet know by letting coworkers help make introductions.

Whether you’re looking for leads, trying to win over a recruit, or finding the right person to help get a deal done, why just get your foot in the door when you can have a colleague open the door for you?

Closest Connections provides a simple and powerful look at your team’s network, highlighting the warm introductions they can make for you. When you view a contact or account in RelateIQ, you can see who among your teammates knows them best.

You and your collaborators can opt in to the feature. When you do, RelateIQ automatically figures out via the number of emails, meetings, and other signals (like connections on Facebook) how well you know the people in your organization’s address book. Sprinkled throughout the site, you’ll find a Closest Connections display (just hover over a name or account and click the “Closest Connections” banner to see it) that tells you where you should start in your mission of reaching out and connecting with the world.

How It Works for Contacts

As an example, let’s say you were interested in reaching out to our favorite fictional character, James McSales. You’ve never met, but you know that without a doubt some of your coworkers could probably introduce you.

When you navigate to his profile in RelateIQ, you can see immediately that your teammates Andrea and Lauren know him best, seeing that they’ve exchanged recent emails and have a high signal strength. Elise, Chip, and Irina are also people you work with who might be able to start you off in the right direction.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 8.37.38 AM

That’s all you have to do to go from 0 to warm introduction while barely lifting a finger.

Using Closest Connections with Accounts

For accounts, Closest Connections works along the same lines, but multiple people make up any account. So RelateIQ first shows you which points of contact at that account are best connected to the people you work with.

Looking at our example, the list of people on the left of the “Closest Connections” box are the people who work at, while the collection of smaller photos on the right are the closest connections among your teammates who know these people. This lays out a road map for connecting in front of you either on the account page, or in the new box that appears when you hover over an account name in the stream.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 8.35.18 AM

We hope you find these new tools to be useful. As usual, we’re helping you put your own data to work for you, and we’re happy to keep making your job a little bit easier every day.

To see Closest Connections in action, watch the 30-second video below!

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